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Procedure For Child Adoption In China

1.Canadians or overseas Chinese wishing to adopt children in China could apply to the adoption organization entrusted by the Canadian Government which will forward the application to China Center of Adoption Affairs for approval. Upon application, the following documents should be submitted:
a. application of adoption;
b. certificate of birth;
c. certificate of marital status;
d. certificate of profession, income and property;
e. certificate of health examination;
f. certificate of criminal record;
g. certificate of child adoption approval by the Canadian Government ;
h. family background report, including the status of the applicant, the qualification of the adoption, family conditions, health history, adoption motive and features suitable for the care of the child .
2. The above mentioned documents should be notarized by a notary office and authenticated by the relevant office of the Canadian Government and by the Embassy or Consulate of China in Canada.
3. The address for the Canadian adoption organization and China Centre of Adoption Affairs are as follows :              

      Adoption and Operational Services 

      Children's Services Branch                                China Center of Adoption Affairs

      Ministry of Community and Social Services       No.7,Baiguang Rd. Zhongmin Bldg.

     2 Bloor Street, West , 24 th  Floor                         Xuanwu District, Beijing

     Toronto, Ont.  M7A 1E9                                       People's Republic of China 100053

     Tel: 416-327-4730                                               Tel: 86-10-63575768/63575785

     Fax: 416-3270573                                                Fax: 86-10-63575769/63575786


4. After the application for adoption is approved, China Centre of Adoption Affairs will notify the adopter and assist in seeking the possible adoptee. With the notice of approval the adopter may apply for visa and go to China for the adoption.
5. The adopter, after confirming the adoptee, shall sign a written agreement with the person placing out the child for adoption. And then, both parties shall handle the adoption registration and notarization at the relevant government offices of China.
6. Before the adoptee's exit from China, the adopter shall undergo exit procedure
for the adoptee at the local Public Security Bureau in China.

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