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Important Information on Chinese Visa


It often happens to some applicants that they misinterpreted the duration of each stay, validity or entries of Chinese visas. This might affect their travel plans. Therefore, the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto kindly reminds you of the following:

1. Applicants are requested to plan well in advance their desired travels. No prior assurance can be given that an applicant is eligible for a visa or an approved visa will be ready in time to suit the applicant's plans. Applicants are required to complete the Visa Application Form correctly, especially concerning the longest duration of each stay and intended number of entries.

2. According to he relevant laws and regulations, the officers of the consulate will decide on visa categories, number of entries, validity and duration of stay.

3. Applicants are advised to check their corresponding visas and report to the officers should there be any mistake.

4. All Canadian citizens, including Chinese Canadians, should have valid visas to enter China. Please make sure that your visa is valid and has sufficient number of entries. Applicants should reapply for visas if the visas are invalid or the nuber of entries is insufficient.

5. All foreign citizens should leave China before the duration of the stay expires.

6. Learn about Chinese visas.

1) The validity of the Chinese Visa (Enter before) means that you may use the visa to enter into China before 12:00am on the date printed on the visa if there is enough number of entries. Visas become invalid and can not be extended when the date of Enter before expires, even if there are Entries left. The validity of Chinese visas varies from 3monthes to 48 months. Applicants should plan ahead and apply 15 to 35 days before the actual travel date.

2) The Entries of the Chinese Visa means the number of entries permitted within the validity of the visa. Visas become invalid when they have no more entries. Entries permitted can not be increased or changed.

3) The Duration of Each Stay after Entry means the longest period the applicants can stay n China. The Duration of Each Stay is effective as of the date of entry. Applicants should apply for a visa extension at the local Public Security Bureau in China if they want to prolong their Duration of Stay permitted by their visas. Z, J-1, D and X visa holders should apply for resident permits at the local Public Security Bureau within 30 days after they enter China.

7. In the following circumstances, a foreign citizen may not be allowed to board the plane or to enter China, and fines may be applicable.

1) Those who depart for China without valid visas;

2) Those who depart for China with expired visas;

3) Those who apply for Chinese visas with false documents;

4) Those who stay in China beyond the duration of stay permitted by visas.

8. The applicants are responsible for the consequences in the following circumstances:

1) Failure to complete the Visa Application Forms correctly.

2) Those whose visas become invalid at the time of travel because they applied for the visas over 2 months before their intended entry date.

3) Those who don't get visas in time because they fail to apply for visas in advance.

4) Those who don't check their visas upon picking-up.

5) Those who don't check the validity or number of entries of visas and are denied boarding the plane or entering China.

6) Those who don't check the categories or duration of each stay of visas or stay in China beyond the permitted period.

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