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Latest information on earthquake of China's Yushu Prefecture
April 16, 2010

The 7.1-magnitude quake shook the Yushu County in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu, Qinghai Province at 7:49 am Wednesday, April 14, 2010. A total of 791 people were confirmed dead and 294 others were still missing in the devastating earthquake on Friday. As of 8 a.m. Friday, the quake had left 11,486 people injured, including 1,176 serious cases.

Thousands of rescuers battled strong winds and altitude sickness amid aftershocks to reach survivors Thursday, one day after a 7.1-magnitude quake killed 617 and injured 9,110.

More than 15,000 residential buildings - or 85 percent of all homes, mostly mud-and-wood structures - have been flattened, and 100,000 people have been made homeless.

To help direct relief efforts, President Hu Jintao decided to cut short his South America visit and headed home after attending the BRIC summit in Brazil.

Premier Wen Jiabao, who decided to postpone his visit to Brunei, Indonesia, and Myanmar next week, rushed to the region Thursday evening to supervise rescue operations.

At least 750 aftershocks have been recorded in the quake zone so far, with the biggest being at 6.3 magnitude.

In addition to professional search and rescue teams, almost 2,000 soldiers, police officers and fire-fighters were using excavators, shovels or even bare hands to comb through the debris to find survivors.

More rescuers are en route to Yushu.

Professional rescuers, soldiers, police officers and medical workers have been dispatched to Yushu from across the country, along with tents, cotton-padded clothes, quilts, food, water, medicine, bulldozers, excavators, cranes, generators and other relief supplies.

As Yushu is a community of predominantly ethnic Tibetans, almost 100 college students fluent in Tibetan volunteered to help out at hospitals in Xining, where many survivors were receiving treatment.

Tibetan monks dressed in maroon robes, too, joined residents and rescuers to search for people buried in the debris in Gyegu.

Donations from governmental agencies, privately-run companies or individuals are also being rushed to the quake-hit region.
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